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fishes. fishes are wonderfull to keep fishes need to be cleand every month not every single day or they will die fishes need to be fed every day twice or free times a day fishes need to be fed the write food not chocolate or toast or crisps fish food dont feed them every minitet or seccond coz they will get over fed and die firs if you want a pet fish you will need . fish tank. ecwitment.and deffanatly a fish and fish food when you get your fish you need to pick the write fish a tropical or a normal gold fish when you have brought your fish home you have to put the ecwitment into the tank when you have get your fish who was in the bag and lean it into the tank and wait 10 minits when it has been 10 minits you can cut the bag and let the fish explore the tank and wala you have a pet fish

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